Ship owner obligations

What are the LRIT requirements for Ship Owners?

With the introduction of LRIT, ship owners are facing:

  • The obligation to provide a shipboard terminal that is compliant with the SOLAS ChV/19-1 requirements.
  • The necessity to implement conformance testing for shipboard terminals in accordance with  MSC.1/Circ.1307 .

To help ship owners comply with these obligations, CLS offers to conduct LRIT Conformity Tests in accordance with the SOLAS requirements.

How CLS helps ship owners obtain their LRIT conformance test certification

When CLS is recognized or authorized as a Testing ASP by your Flag administration, CLS will be able to carry out the necessary conformance test in order to certify the LRIT communication capabilities of the equipment on board your national ships.

CLS has operated satellite systems for over 20 years, specializing in vessel tracking and location services. CLS counts 300 employees worldwide and operates 40 instruments on board 30 satellites.


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