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Each Flag state is obliged to establish a National LRIT Data Centre or to join a Regional or Cooperative Data Centre. The Flag also has to formally appoint an Application Service Provider (ASP). This ASP manages the communications between the ship, the Communication Centre provider (CSP) and the Data Centre (DC).

The DC collects all of the Flag’s LRIT information (such as the ships’ positional data and their identities) and is connected to the International LRIT system via the International Data Exchange (IDE) using a specific LRIT communications protocol.

In addition, these centres shall be capable of communicating amongst themselves and exchanging position reports on request. A ship having notified a port of impending entry (NOA) can be tracked by that particular port thanks to this system. Next to that, it will be possible for Contracting Governments to track any ship within a 1,000 nautical mile zone of its coastline, no matter what flag it is flying.

According to the Transitional Arrangements in  MSC.1/Circ.1299 , every DC will have to be operational on the 1st of July 2009 at the latest. While the 31 December 2008 implementation date remains as written in the Regulation V/19-1, the design, construction, testing and integration of components of the system are still in progress. As a result, transitional arrangements to cover the time period from 31 December 2008 to 30 June 2009 have been adopted (see MSC.1/Circ.1299 to learn more). 

Are you meeting the LRIT deadline...?

CLS, your LRIT ASP and Testing partner

CLS proposes a complete range of LRIT products and services, from implementing LRIT data centers to providing satellite data (Application Service Provider) and may also furnish LRIT compliant terminals. CLS has operated satellite systems for vessel tracking and location services for over 20 years, thus offering you the best possible accompaniment in LRIT implementation. CLS provides the following LRIT services:

Application Service Provider (ASP) to provide satellite communications from ships to LRIT Data Centres, via Inmarsat and Iridium

Testing ASP: initial testing of ship terminals to verify their compliance with LRIT specifications

LRIT Data Centre (DC): CLS can design, deliver and operate data centres for maritime administrations. The DCs are hosted either by the administrations or by CLS

LRIT compliant ship terminals, based on the Iridium satellite system.

Our references

Our main references are:

  • the European Union LRIT DC, operated by EMSA on behalf of 27 EU member states (plus Iceland and Norway)
  • Vanuatu DC
  • Chile DC

We are also an authorized Testing ASP for all EU member states and several other Flag states, including VanuatuKiribati and Tuvalu.

The European LRIT Data Centre will be one of the largest LRIT DC with around10,000 ships and is a major contribution to the EMSA mission to ensure the highest level of maritime safety, security and environmental protection around the European coasts. The EU LRIT DC is managed by EMSA on behalf of all the EU Member States, plus Iceland and Norway. All 27 European member states (plus Iceland and Norway) will have customized data access.

Authorized Testing ASP

As an authorized Testing ASP, CLS issues LRIT Conformance Test Reports on behalf of most Flag authorities. CLS will forward all successful test results directly to your Flag administration. Our testing ASP procedures follow the  MSC.1/Circ.1307  dated 9 June 2009.

CLS has operated satellite systems for over 20 years, specializing in vessel tracking and location services. CLS counts 300 employees worldwide and operates 40 instruments on board 30 satellites. Its Processing Centre is operational 24h a day, 365 days a year and has also a crash recovery centre which ensures an extremely reliable service.


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